VIDEO BUT MOSTLY AUDIO: What has Bud Black just done?

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Before we begin, let us hoist up the tenor of things by reading -- with snifters brandished -- a passage from Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales ... 

The Summoner's Tale
lines 480-491: Thomas farts thunderously in the friar's hand

480        "A!" thoghte this frere, "That shal go with me!"
  And doun his hand he launcheth to the clifte,
  In hope for to fynde there a yifte.
  And whan this sike man felte this frere
  Aboute his tuwel grope there and heere,
485 Amydde his hand he leet the frere a fart,
  Ther nys no capul, drawynge in a cart,
  That myghte have lete a fart of swich a soun.
  The frere up stirte as dooth a wood leoun, -
  "A! false cherl," quod he, "for Goddes bones!
490 This hastow for despit doon for the nones.
  Thou shalt abye this fart, if that I may!"
480        "Ah," thought the friar, "this shall go with me!"
  And down he thrust his hand right to the cleft,
  In hope that he should find there some good gift.
  And when the sick man felt the friar here
  Groping about his hole and all his rear,
485 Into his hand he let the friar a fart.
  There is no stallion drawing loaded cart
  That might have let a fart of such a sound.
  The friar leaped up as with wild lion's bound:
  "Ah, treacherous churl," he cried, "by God's own bones,
490 I'll see that he who scorns me thus atones;
  You'll suffer for this fart- I'll find a way!"


With that intellectual foundation established and with those auguries of what's to come, here's some video and audio of Padres manager Bud Black quite possibly ripping wild thunderclap-vapors as though poised astride an airport urinal ... 

In some cultures, that's considered the proper way for a gentleman to announce himself. As for Bud Black, he's at his place of business; thus, so, ergo and therefore, he is handling his business.

(Wink of CBS eye: Deadspin)

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