VIDEO: Ted Williams will now teach you how to hit

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Hall of Famer and Red Sox legend Ted Williams knew a thing or two regarding many subjects, the hitting of this, our baseball foremost among them, in addition to aerial warfare, sport-fishing and surpassing grouchiness. But mostly hitting. 

Now watch as the Splendid Splinter, in less than than three minutes' time, will teach you to be a better hitter and, by extension, a better human being ... 

Of course, having robot vision helps, and Mr. Williams famously had such peepers. Also note how absurdly fast his wrists are, as they "come out of the turn" well ahead of everything else, including the hips. Those quick hands, the importance of which is noted in the action-news footage above, helped Williams get that whipsaw action on the ball, which, in turn, helped him smite the cowhide hard and far. It's also refreshing to hear one of the greatest hitters ever scold against crowding the plate. So don't do that, lest the spectral presence of Ted Williams curse at you. 

So now that you have watched this, please do sally forth and commence hitting like Ted Williams. 

As always, Eye On Baseball is here to help. 

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