The San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers were minding their own business on Friday night when the ground started shaking. That isn't a metaphor or simile or anything of the sort -- it's a description of what happened. During the bottom of the fourth inning, Dodgers Stadium shook thanks to the aftershocks of a magnitude 7.1 earthquake.

Unlike the National Basketball Association, who stopped Summer League play in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Dodgers and Padres played on as if nothing was amiss. Take a look:

If it weren't for the camera, you never would've known, right? Credit to Padres southpaw Eric Lauer, who seemed like he was not at all bothered by the whole ordeal and kept pitching like it was nothing.

Here's another view, from the bleachers:

To recap: the Dodgers and Padres played through an earthquake, or the aftershocks of one, like it was no big deal. 

This was the second earthquake to impact the California area in as many days. On July 4, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake affected southern California.