This season has not been one to remember for Chris Davis of the Orioles. He set a record for futility earlier this season and entered Wednesday's action hitting .183/.270/.321 (57 OPS+). His Orioles are one of the worst teams in baseball and they've coughed up a record number of homers to the Yankees

Wednesday, Orioles manager Brandon Hyde -- who can't be too excited about how his first season as a manager is unfolding despite the rock-bottom expectations -- made a comment to Davis in the dugout and Davis had to be held back by injured teammate Mark Trumbo (in the black) and hitting coach Don Long. 

There's a joke to be made here about how Davis can't even properly hit his manager, right? 

This isn't a great look to be caught on camera trying to physically go after your boss, especially not with the season Davis is having. 

On the other hand, tempers are going to flare in situations as I've described this one. Major-league athletes are highly excitable and we see this happen on occasion with good teams and players. Remember the Billy Martin/Reggie Jackson incident? It's entertaining, that's for sure. 

Still, the front office likely won't take too kindly to this. Discussions, even heated ones like this, need to take place behind closed doors and not in full view of the television cameras.