With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Kings may have finally found some luck. It's been a long time since Sacramento was competitive. They possess the NBA's longest playoff drought at 12 straight seasons. They're frequently near the top of the NBA Draft and have generally been an example of how to not run a franchise for the last decade. The Kings need something good to come their way.

That No. 2 overall pick gives Sacramento an extremely valuable asset. The Kings could draft a franchise cornerstone player with that pick, or maybe they can trade it for a star who may soon become available. According to multiple reports, Spurs star Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio. This could be the Kings chance.

Now, this doesn't mean the Kings are just going to send away their No. 2 overall pick for a one-year rental of Leonard. The Kings are desperate to become relevant again, but years of mistakes have probably taught them some patience by now. This is just a situation where, by having the pick, the Kings have an incredible asset they can use.

Leonard going to Sacramento feels like a bit of a long shot. The Kings aren't anywhere near contention yet. Leonard may want a trade, but he likely still wants to win. If the Kings can't convince him to stay long term then they have no reason to give up such a valuable asset no matter how desperate they are to become relevant again.