Allen Iverson says he didn't hold kids hostage, returned them to mom

Allen Iverson claims he never kidnapped his children and has returned them to their mother. (USATSI)
Allen Iverson claims he never kidnapped his children and has returned them to their mother. (USATSI)

On Monday, we told you about former NBA superstar Allen Iverson and the accusations from his ex-wife that he had kidnapped their children and refused to give them back to her. Tawanna Iverson filed in court that the former Philadelphia 76ers guard was supposed to return the kids to her on May 26 but refused to do so well after the date had passed. The children and Iverson were staying at a hotel in Georgia.

Allen Iverson denied those claims and told a judge in Fulton County, Ga., on Wednesday that he never kidnapped the kids and, in fact, gave his ex-wife the opportunity to drive 45 minutes to come pick them up. According to TMZ, the judge ruled that Allen Iverson did not deserve jail time for this incident and the children were returned to their mother after the court proceedings.

Allen appeared in Fulton County court in Georgia last Wednesday and told the judge his ex-wife had full access to their kids during their stay at the hotel ... and therefore he wasn't doing anything wrong. We're told Tawanna also testified that she could have picked up the children from Allen but didn't want to drive 45 minutes to his location.

After A.I.'s testimony, the judge decided the former Philadelphia 76ers star didn't deserve to be thrown in jail -- despite his ex-wife's request before the hearing.  The kids -- ranging from ages 3 to 16 -- were returned to their mother following the hearing.

The two have five children together ranging from 3 years old to 16. 

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