Cavaliers' Boobie Gibson calls Dahntay Jones foul on Kobe dirty

He's got Kobe's back. For some reason.  (Getty Images)
He's got Kobe's back. For some reason. (Getty Images)

Well, Boobie's on his side. 

Cavs guard Daniel Gibson lashed out against Dahntay Jones for what he felt was a dirty play on Kobe Bryant... who, you'll notice, doesn't play for the Cavaliers. 

"I think that was a dirty play,” Gibson said. “He’s been known to be a guy to do that.”

“If you watch the tape, after the shot was taken, he kept walking forward toward him,” Gibson said Friday. “He never really turned around to see if the shot went in or anything. He kept walking toward him looking at the ground the whole time.”

via Cavs' Daniel Gibson rips the Hawks' Dahntay Jones for 'dirty play' - Cleveland Cavaliers - Ohio.

Gibson went on to talk about how dangerous the play was. The NBA announced Thursday that a foul should have been called, which was pretty obvious. Gibson suffered an injury last season on a similar play from Paul George, and now Gibson thinks Jones taught George that move. Because, clearly, the Pacers are designing a gameplan around stopping Boobie Gibson.

But this is now the third day we're talking about it, with Bryant a game-time decision against the Pacers on Friday night. Bryant turned his ankle. He could play Friday. He'll likely play next week. It was a gruesome injury. But this is going to pretty insane levels. 

Needless to say, expect to hear a lot more about it. 

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