Chris Andersen's mom took him for his first tattoo

Chris Andersen has a lot of tattoos. Like, a lot.   (USATSI)
Chris Andersen has a lot of tattoos. Like, a lot. (USATSI)

Heat forward Chris "Birdman" Andersen has a lot of tattoos. They are everywhere, from his head to his toes, literally. In a league filled to the brim with ink, Birdman stands out even in saturated company. And apparently, it's a family thing. From in a piece on Andersen's mother:

Birdmom share many similarities -- height, a laid back attitude and an affinity for tattoos. Holubec's legs are lined with colorful ink-filled flowers. She took her son to get his first tattoo.

"I think I paid for the first four! It was supposed to have been just one," said Holubec.

via Birdmom talks about Birdman | News - Home.

Sadly, Birdman and his mother are estranged for private reasons. But it's just crazy to think about a younger Birdman being taken for his first tattoo by his mom. Of course, I might just think that because my mom would have dragged me up by shirt collar if I'd gotten a tattoo as a kid. 

So the real question: Would Birdman take his kids to get tattoos?

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