Kevin Garnett has a lot of options to fill the huge hole in his life now that he's retired from professional basketball. On top of considering work with several teams as a consultant in the front office and coaching staff, Garnett announced Thursday that he would be joining the crew on TNT's Inside the NBA as well. He joined the crew to talk about the decision and hijinks of course ensued:

It looks like Garnett will be brought in remotely for various pieces, while also working as a 'coaching consultant as Yahoo reports.'

Kevin Garnett is joining TNT's "Inside the NBA." USATSI

It makes sense. Garnett is a future Hall of Famer and a big, loud, funny personality who never really let the media in. He has respect and credit with the other members of the crew, which matters. You have to have a high level of respect in order to make it on that set, and be aggressive enough to provide strong opinions and deal with all the silliness and ribbing that goes on. Other former players haven't meshed well enough to last, but Garnett, especially in this remote role, should fit perfectly.

And yes, he is now a member of the media. That thought alone is going to inspire him to run off 15 pounds of sweat in wind sprints just to perish the thought.