After the Knicks lost Game 5 in Madison Square Garden to the Boston Celtics, keeping the door open for the Celtics to "2004 ALCS" them, the Knicks' general attitude was basically this: 

“We was going to a funeral,” (J.R.) Smith said. “But it looks like we got buried.”

The ill-fated plan to wear “funeral colors” was hatched by veteran forward Kenyon Martin, who said the Knicks would end the Celtics' season. Martin had more fouls (five) than points (two) and wasn’t interested in talking about style after the game.

“I’m not talking about that,” Martin said. “If you want to talk about basketball, we’ll talk about basketball.”

via Little black duress fitting for Knicks | Boston Herald.

Props to J.R. Smith for living up to it. Meanwhile, noted tough guy Martin -- who sat out most of the season, unable to find anyone willing to deal with his attitude -- won't talk about the thing that he started that blew up in his face. Good look, KMart. Good look. 

Mike Woodson, on the other hand, was not amused. 

Maybe next time try to catch them before they do something phenomenally stupid to motivate a veteran team like Boston that thrives on disrespect. Or, you know, not run 27 isolations in one game, with 18 of them going to Carmelo Anthony to stand around and then launch jumpers. Either way, really. 

The Knicks decided to crow before the deed was done, and now have to live with the consequences. They're shipping up to Boston for what will be a chaotic crowd in Game 6 that smells blood. And instead of a sweep and a week of rest, the Knicks now have a real series on their hands. 

Too much Johnny Cash, Knicks. Too much Johnny Cash