Not Christmas too, Kyrie.

First he said the Earth was flat, and now Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving is proving that no common conception is safe from his conspiracy theories. He shared his latest mind-boggling idea with media following the Celtics' 102-93 loss to the Knicks on Thursday: He doesn't think of Christmas as a holiday.

"The hoopla on Christmas, I don't really get into that. I don't necessarily think of Christmas as a holiday," Irving said. "Looking forward to playing in front of the fans on the 25th and playing against a high-level Washington team and going against great guys."

Look at that extra insult, referring to Christmas as "the 25th." Santa just tipped over in his sleigh. Next he's going to be out here questioning the sanctity of National Nachos Day!

This might be the hottest Christmas take we've ever heard from an NBA player, but would you expect anything less from Irving? He set the (possibly round) world on fire when he said the Earth was flat in February, then recently claimed that he doesn't eat steak because it "doesn't come from anything natural."

Yeah, this guy is on another level of existence. Or maybe he just likes messing with us.

While some of us are celebrating Christmas, Kyrie and the Celtics will take on the Washington Wizards at 5:30 p.m. on the 25th of December.