LeBron James hasn't said what he's going to do this offseason, but that isn't stopping the Cavs' plans

LeBron James has a big decision to make this summer that could impact the Cavaliers for years to come. Will James stay in Cleveland or will he explore free agency and sign somewhere else? This type of decision could leave the Cavs paralyzed. Any move they make needs to fit with James, but all that is pointless if James chooses to leave.

However, that's not the method the Cavaliers are choosing to take. In a report by Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com , he explains the Cavs plans for the summer. James reportedly still doesn't know what decision he's going to make and probably won't until he can opt out of his contract on June 29. The Cavs meanwhile are going to approach the summer with an intention to improve the team. That is their overall goal no matter what James chooses to do.

The Cavaliers will not know what LeBron James intends to do this summer when they execute their draft plan Thursday, numerous sources told cleveland.com. 


According to sources, the Cavs' front office and James' camp have been in contact over the phone and in person, though there has been no meeting with James present, nor has the been any real dialogue as far as James' future is concerned.

Because the superstar himself doesn't know.


Multiple sources, however, have indicated the Cavs would look to improve (read, continue to spend) while James makes his decision.  

Whether you agree or disagree with the Cavs plans to improve, it's good to know they at least have a plan of some kind. The worst situation would be if the Cavaliers entered free agency with no clue of what to do, because they were too busy waiting for James to make his decision. That would leave them paralyzed and unable to improve the team. Instead, the Cavs are being proactive and seeking out ways to improve the team. One way is via trade. Vardon confirmed an earlier report that the Cavs have called about Kawhi Leonard, but he also linked Cleveland to Hornets star guard Kemba Walker.

Cleveland has in fact inquired about Kawhi Leonard's availability from the Spurs, among others, and league sources suggested Charlotte's Kemba Walker could be in play for the Cavs.  

The Cavs could be a lethal force with Walker and Leonard next to James, but even without him those two together would still give them a solid chance at competing next season. As long as they're at the top of their games and the team around them fits their skill sets. 

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