A few weeks ago LeBron James took the next step with his Taco Tuesday tradition by filing an application to trademark the phrase. Unfortunately for him, that application was rejected. Josh Gerben of Gerben Law Firm discovered the finding on Wednesday evening. 

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, "Taco Tuesday" was a "commonplace message," which means that it cannot be trademarked. 

This comes as no surprise considering families and restaurants have been celebrating Taco Tuesday for decades. The idea that LeBron was going to trademark that phrase for media and merchandising opportunities in 2019 was always a bit absurd. 

Still, LeBron's taco-eating journey this summer was a fun ride. His social media posts were always entertaining, whether they featured himself, his family or even other stars such as his new teammate Anthony Davis and rapper 2 Chainz. And really, that's all this should have ever been. 

Stars doing goofy bits is really one of the main reasons social media exists, but it starts to become corny when they immediately turn around to try and monetize it. And because LeBron has more money than he'll ever be able to spend, it's hard to feel bad he won't be able to make a few extra bucks off this Taco Tuesday fad.