There's something fishy going on in Boston.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

The Boston Celtics can't comment on free-agent-to-be Kevin Durant due to tampering rules, but it's clear Boston is gearing up to pursue Durant the minute the clock strikes 12 on July 1. Isaiah Thomas, who as a player is (pretty much) exempt from tampering violations, is saying he's going to do whatever he can to get Durant to sign with the Green and White.

But the C's aren't alone in this. The entire Boston community is fired up to try and bring KD to Beantown. That includes Legal Sea Foods, who on Wednesday printed an ad offering Durant unlimited, free crab legs at any Legal Sea Foods restaurant. From

Technically, this free agency pitch is Legal... Seafoods. (

Roger Berkowitz, the president and CEO of Legal Sea Foods, details the offer: the bounty of the seas, in exchange for a contract with the C's.

"17 World Championships and endless king crab legs? We think it's time KD takes a closer look at Boston as his next home. Whether we serve them to him steamed or braised, this is our civic responsibility."

Source: Legal Sea Foods attempts to lure Kevin Durant to Celtics with unlimited crab legs.

That's a pretty good offer. Let's break it down.

OK, so let's say Durant's really hungry every day that he goes there. They're on the road for 41 games, plus a travel day there and back, plus sometimes an off day. Let's give it a full 60 days a year that he's not in Boston. Let's pretend that instead of going to his house in L.A. he lives in Boston full time and eats at Legal Sea Foods every day. That's 305 days a year he's eating at the place where "if it ain't fresh, it ain't Legal!"

The King Crab Legs dinner in Boston is $45.95. We'll assume legal isn't paying for appetizers, sides, drinks, or dessert. Let's say he eats every single day, and that he brings 2-3 of his friends to dinner with him all of those available days. With three friends, that's an annual savings of $45,704.00 every year. Let's say he signs the max deal for four years with Boston. That's $182,216 on his first contract alone.

To put that in comparison, that's 0.7 percent of the first year of his max contract offer should he sign with the Celtics, and if he takes a one-year deal and then re-signs, 0.52 percent. Not 50 percent. half of one percent.

But still! Who doesn't love free crab legs? Durant has even stated publicly that crab legs are his favorite food (and his mom confirmed). And you can't get crab legs in Oklahoma City, not like you can in Boston.

You know where you can get them, though?

San Francisco.

Just sayin'.

(Also, in the course of researching this I found that the most common king crab for consumption is the red king crab, which is actually native to northern Pacific ocean waters. You know, the opposite coast from Boston.)

Of course, you can't get the kind of steak in either place that you can in Oklahoma City.Tough choices all around.

Either way, it's certainly something Durant will have to think long and hard about (for 15 seconds). Durant is No.1 on our top 50 free agents list.

Kevin Durant might be seriously thinking about crab legs. USATSI