LeBron James posting workouts on Instagram isn't anything new, and neither is the fact that he's working out with fellow NBA players. What is new, however, is the collection of players he's with and the fun speculation fans can have as a result of it.

First, the straightforward facts of the matter. James was out in Los Angeles with fellow players J.R. Smith, Jordan Clarkson, and Anthony Davis along with agent Rich Paul and a few other folks in what was described on Smith's Instagram as the Klutch Bike Klub. Here's a photo of the group that went out on Saturday.

Drivers in L.A. even caught a glimpse of the four-time NBA MVP and the Klutch Sports team.

Because this is LeBron doing something, and he's been known to very rarely do something in public without some sort of calculation in mind, it's worth pointing out that two of the players he was riding with are not current teammates of his on the Lakers. They were teammates at one point -- both Clarkson and Smith played with James in Cleveland, and the latter won a championship with the Cavs.

Additionally, LeBron has noted that he would be rather selective about who he has done workouts with during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that these two former teammates were chosen might say something about their viability in terms of maybe coming -- or returning, in Clarkson's case -- to the Lakers either whenever the season comes back, or whenever the next season begins. It is worth noting that Clarkson is on the Jazz this season and Smith is still a free agent.

The NBA told its Board of Governors on Friday that the league is aiming for a July 31 return date. A formal decision on what the plan for the league and this season is will be announced sometime next week, per reports.