A day after Los Angeles Lakers rookie Josh Hart leaked one of L.A.'s new jerseys on his Snapchat account, the team unveiled three of its new Nike uniforms for the 2017-18 season.

The Lakers revealed their Icon, Association and Statement jerseys via their official Twitter account Friday, and they look pretty familiar.

The Lakers also enlisted the help of rookie sensation Lonzo Ball (weird to say that when he hasn't even played a real game yet, but it's true) to show what the new uniforms look like in action.

As you can see, the purple and gold Icon and Statement jerseys have the same look and color scheme that the franchise has used for the past 50 years, with the notable exception of a large Nike swoosh on the right side. The Lakers kept their white uniforms, which they introduced in the 2001-02 season, but we've yet to see whether Nike will continue the "Hollywood Nights" black jerseys that the team has worn sporadically since the 2013-14 season as the team's fourth option.

The NBA has done away with the traditional "home" and "away" jerseys for next season, and teams will reportedly be able to whichever of their four uniforms they would like to wear in any given game. So far, most new Nike uniforms haven't strayed too far from the team's traditional look (the Timberwolves went in a totally different direction), and the Lakers are definitely among those teams that opted for extremely minimal changes.