Pop-Sager pin.
Pop and Sager in pin form. (Patti Lapel)

News that TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager's cancer was no longer in remission shook the NBA community. Despite the disheartening news, Sager is staying optimistic and confident that he win his battle with cancer. He is even is scheduled to work two games this week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Wanting to help Sager and the countless others that are fighting cancer, pin-maker Patti Lapel created a pin of the TNT reporter and his frenemy San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. Fifteen percent of all proceeds from sales of the pin will benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

A very touching and nice honor by Patti Label. And while Popovich won't likely be sporting the pin himself, despite his gruffness with Sager on TV, he actually really likes the TNT reporter.

"He's just been such a genuine person who really does love the NBA and loves the game, and it comes through and you know that," Popovich said on HBO Real Sports. "Even though he does what he does design- and fashion-wise, you know it’s part of the shtick. But his questions are always sensible, they’re always answerable and he does it with fun. He does it with humor. I react to that very positively. So we have a good time together."

"A good time together" is the perfect way to describe the two's relationship with each other, which thanks to Patti Lapel, will forever be immortalized in a stylish lapel pin.