Matt Barnes with the Kings
Once a King, Matt Barnes now has his eyes set on being a billionaire. USATSI

Matt Barnes has been officially retired for less than a week, but the former NBA player is already setting his sights on business ventures. More importantly, he already sees Tres Comas in his future.

The 37-year-old Barnes announced his retirement from the NBA in an Instagram post last week. In that same post, he hashtagged "#BillionaireBy50" and it seems he's very convinced that goal is within reach. TMZ Sports caught up with him this week and Barnes doubled down with his aspirations of supremely lofty wealth, saying it's "definitely attainable." 

Barnes' confidence is admirable and he does have his hands in some interesting projects, including Active Dreamers -- a bedding company that specializes in NBA-branded pillows and bed sets -- and a production company working in film. 

With that being said, Barnes' net worth as of 2017 is about $10 million. I'm not fantastic at math, but that indicates that he'll have to pick up about $990 million in assets over the next 13 years, which isn't exactly an easy task, even if you're well-connected in Hollywood. 

However, every billionaire has a story about being doubted and having haters, so let me be the first to tell Barnes...

However, if Barnes' production company wants to make a movie about the whole Derek Fisher saga or the time he tried to punk Kobe Bryant and it backfired in incredible fashion, I will gladly give him my money to contribute to the Matt Barnes Billionaire fund.