CHICAGO -- Tacko Fall is really tall. That's both a rhyme and a fact that needed no validation -- but got some anyway here at the NBA Draft Combine. UCF's dynamic big man measured at a whopping 7-foot-7 (with shoes on), one of only four players who measured at more than 7-feet tall.  

Fall, to no one's surprise, was the tallest of all the players voluntarily measured. He also had the longest wingspan among players measured at 8-2.25 -- well ahead of the second-longest wingspan which belongs this year to Oregon standout Bol Bol. Bol came in at 7-2.5, with a 7-7 wingspan. 

As for the measurements of the stars, those didn't happen. Zion Williamson, the presumptive No. 1 pick, left before the measuring tape was broken out. Projected top-3 picks Ja Morant and RJ Barrett also have blanks next to their measurements. 

Here are some notable measurements and thoughts from the official list that was released by the NBA on Thursday.

1. Brandon Clarke did himself no favors

It's no fault of Brandon Clarke, one of Gonzaga's projected first-rounders, that he didn't measure out well. But his wingspan, which came in at just over 6-foot-8, certainly leaves something to be desired. How he led the NCAA last season in shots blocked speaks to just how good his instincts really are. Can he be as dominant a shot-blocker and rim-runner in the NBA against equally long and athletic players, though? The concern here is that his best traits in the NCAA may be stifled in the NBA.

The good news, though, is that what Clarke can control, he controlled well. His max vertical leap, standing vertical and lane agility all rated out at either No. 1 or No. 2 among players at his position who tested out. 

2. Tacko Fall is insanely gifted

Yes, this has already been mentioned, but... holy cow! Tacko Fall is seriously 7-foot-7 with shoes on. Can we just think about how insane that is? As ESPN's Jonathan Givony notes here, his measurements basically broke the system.

Can Fall be a dominant big man in the NBA despite not being a dominant big man in the NCAA? Probably not. But interest in Fall has been piqued among scouts in Chicago and what he could potentially be. Measuring out well and showing up in shape has boosted his stock. 

3. Shortest players could still get drafted

The shortest players who were measured this year are Tremont Waters (5-10.75 with shoes), Jared Harper (5-11), Carsen Edwards 6-0.25) and Shamorie Ponds (6-0.5). 

It's possible all four wind up getting drafted.

Waters is a veteran and reliable point guard from LSU and Harper, from Auburn, fits that same billing. Harper improved his stock with a strong showing in the G League Showcase earlier this week, while Edwards and Ponds are fringe first-rounders entering the week. By week's end, don't be surprised if they are considered top-60 players in this draft. At the point guard position, height be damned, experience can still be a deciding factor in future success. 

Measurements from NBA Draft Combine 

w/o shoes
Nickeil Alexander-WalkerSG5.90%6-4.256-5.5203.86-9.5
RJ BarrettSF-----
Charles BasseyC8.50%6-8.756-102397-3.5
Darius BazleyPF3.60%6-7.756-9208.47-0
Bol BolC7.10%7-0.757-2.52087-7
Jordan BoneSG5.00%6-1.56-2.751796-3.25
Brian Bowen IISF6.50%6-6.256-7.52006-10
Ky BowmanPG4.90%6-16-2.25181.26-7
Ignas BrazdeikisSF6.00%6-5.756-7.25220.86-9.25
Oshea BrissettSF-PF2.90%6-76-8203.27-0
Moses BrownC7.80%7-1.257-2.5237.27-4.75
Brandon ClarkeSF4.90%6-7.256-8.25207.26-8.25
Nicolas ClaxtonC4.50%6-106-11.75216.67-2.5
Tyler CookPF6.10%6-7.256-8.75245.47-0.5
Jarrett CulverSG5.00%6-5.256-6.75194.26-9.5
Terence DavisSF-PF4.10%6-36-4.5192.46-8.75
Luguentz DortPG5.00%6-2.756-4.25222.26-8.5
Devon DotsonPG5.90%6-06-2178.66-3.25
Carsen EdwardsPG5.50%5-10.756-0.25199.46-6
Tacko FallC6.80%7-5.257-7288.88-2.25
Bruno FernandoC5.40%6-8.756-10.252377-3.25
Daniel GaffordPF5.90%6-9.256-10.5237.67-2.25
Darius GarlandPG-----
Quentin GrimesSG8.40%6-46-5.25209.66-7.75
Kyle GuySG5.70%6-0.756-2.25167.86-4.5
Jaylen HandsPG5.10%6-1.56-3180.46-5.5
Jared HarperPG3.90%5-9.755-11169.26-5.5
Jaxson HayesPF5.00%6-10.256-11.5218.67-3.5
Dewan HernandezC6.10%6-96-10.25232.87-1.75
Tyler HerroSG7.10%6-4.56-6192.46-3.25
Jalen HoardPF6.70%6-7.256-9212.67-0.75
Talen Horton-TuckerSG8.40%6-2.56-4235.47-1.25
De'Andre Hunter
DaQuan JefferiesSF-PF3.90%6-46-5215.66-11.25
Ty JeromePG6.50%6-4.256-5.5194.46-4
Cameron JohnsonSG5.80%6-76-8.5205.26-10
Keldon JohnsonSG5.60%6-4.756-6216.46-9.25
Mfiondu KabengelePF5.10%6-8.756-10.25256.27-3
Louis KingSF4.80%6-6.756-8195.27-0.25
Romeo LangfordSG-%6-4.56-6-6-11
Dedric LawsonPF8.90%6-76-8.52337-2.25
Jalen LecquePG4.00%6-2.56-4.25185.26-8.5
Nassir LittleSF5.90%6-4.56-6224.27-1.25
Terance MannSG-SF4.00%6-4.756-6.5204.66-7.75
Cody MartinPG-SG5.00%6-4.756-5.5192.26-10.25
Charles MatthewsSG3.80%6-56-6.25194.86-9.5
Jalen McDanielsSF5.70%6-8.256-9.75191.67-0.25
Ja MorantPG-----
Zach Norvell Jr.SG7.50%6-4.56-5.5206.46-6
Jaylen NowellSG6.10%6-3.256-4.25202.46-7.25
Jordan NworaPF7.80%6-5.756-7.52206-10.5
Chuma Okeke
KZ OkpalaSF4.60%6-7.256-9.5209.67-1.75
Miye OniSG4.90%6-4.256-5.75205.66-10.75
Eric PaschallSF6.30%6-66-7.25254.46-11.75
Reggie PerrySF-PF6.70%6-86-9.25250.87-0.5
Shamorie PondsPG9.80%5-11.56-0.51806-3.5
Jordan PooleSG7.50%6-3.56-5.5190.86-6.75
Jontay PorterPF8.50%6-9.756-11210.47-0
Kevin Porter Jr.SG5.10%6-46-5.5212.66-9
Neemias QuetaC6.30%6-10.757-0.25225.87-4.25
Cameron ReddishSF4.70%6-6.56-8207.87-0.5
Naz ReidPF14.00%6-8.756-9.5255.87-3.25
Isaiah RobyPF3.90%6-7.256-8.52147-1
Luka SamanicPF5.60%6-9.56-11227.26-10.5
Admiral SchofieldSF6.80%6-46-5.25240.66-9.75
Marial ShayokSF-PF4.70%6-4.56-5.5196.87-0.25
Simisola ShittuPF6.20%6-8.56-9.5227.27-1.25
Killian Tillie
P.J. WashingtonPF8.60%6-6.56-8230.47-2.25
Tremont WatersPG6.60%5-9.55-10.75172.46-2.25
Quinndary WeatherspoonSG6.10%6-36-4.25206.66-9
Coby WhitePG4.30%6-3.56-4.75191.46-5
Kris WilkesSF4.90%6-6.256-7.75208.86-10.75
Grant WilliamsPF5.40%6-5.756-7.5240.26-9.75
Zion WilliamsonPF-----
Dylan WindlerSF4.60%6-6.256-7.5195.86-10