The Pistons are in desperate need of a jolt to save their season. They're tail-spinning at the moment and injuries have ravaged Stan Van Gundy's squad. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, Clippers big man Blake Griffin could be the one to save Detroit's season. The Pistons and the Clippers have reportedly agreed to a deal that will send the five-time All-Star to the Pistons.

Griffin signed a new five-year $173 million contract over the offseason with the Clippers. He's also played a big part in salvaging what has felt like, at times, a lost season for the Clippers, so it's odd to see them choose to go a different direction. This can't possibly sit well with Griffin, or his agent -- unless he's the one actually asking out of Los Angeles, which seems hard to fathom.

The Clippers will reportedly receive Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, a first-round and a second-round draft pick. This all sounds like an obvious rebuild strategy for Doc Rivers' squad, especially with two draft picks packaged in the deal.

This is a big package of players and assets for the Pistons to give up for Griffin. However, considering their current situation, they aren't really at a point where they can be picky. They want to win games, and a star like Griffin will not only help them do that, but give the Pistons a chance to reshape the roster -- and build something that looks different from what they've had the past few seasons. Sometimes, it's as simple as adding a star player and figuring out everything else later.