Kevin Durant has given a number of reasons for leaving the Golden State Warriors. He has spoken about his admiration for the Brooklyn Nets' organization on several occasions. He told J.R. Moerhinger of The Wall Street Journal that he never felt like he truly fit in with the Warriors because they had already won a championship before his arrival. Most superstars avoid talking about their ex teams and the reasons for their free agency decisions, but Durant has been incredibly open about his choice. 

That continued at Nets media day on Friday. With few details left to fill in, Durant gave a very simple answer for his decision to join the Nets. He did so because he wanted to. 

Durant revealed that he communicated with Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan in the days leading up to free agency to confirm their mutual interest in teaming up on the Nets. When all sides agreed, the decision was made. As such, when Durant was asked how seriously he considered other suitors, such as the New York Knicks, either Los Angeles team or even a return to the Warriors, he made it clear that the Nets were the runaway winners for his services. 

Durant is expected to miss his entire first season with the Nets as he recovers from a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered during the NBA Finals. He confirmed at media day that sitting out until next season is indeed in the plan, but even if he does not play for Brooklyn this season, his presence is the most important storyline for the team moving forward. 

While Irving and Jordan were certainly big additions, Durant is the player that can take the Nets over the top and turn them into true championship contenders. He believed in this organization enough to leave a team that helped him win two championships. Now they await his return knowing that at full health, they could be adding the best player in the NBA. It may be a while before that player actually takes the floor in Brooklyn, but seeing him suit up for media day was a tantalizing reminder of what is to come.