Nightly Grades: Warriors even up with the Spurs


They had to win. Their backs were to the wall, and with their star hobbled, the Warriors were climbing uphill. They didn't shoot well, they didn't execute all that well. 

But they hung tough, stayed in the game and gave themselves a little chance. Jarrett Jack hit some big crunchtime jumpers, and the Warriors owned overtime. 

In a lot of ways, it was the opposite of the team that crumbled in Game 1. They showed some serious second half poise, they made big shots and they took care of little things like rebounding, free throws and defense. They just stayed in the game, and eventually it paid off. 


It was weird. The Spurs were up so much of the game, seeming to cruise over the young Warriors who kept hurting themselves, and they never could find a knockout punch. 

Tony Parker obviously was a little hampered, but the Spurs got a big performance from Manu Ginobili. Problem was, the Spurs' bench scored 25 points, and 21 came from Ginobili. 

While the Warriors struggled to find anything from the outside, the Spurs hit only 35 percent, and missed 11 free throws. In a weird turn of events, it was them who failed to close well and did dumb things. 

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