Royce White, Rockets have travel plan in place

White will go by ground to some games. (Getty Images)

Royce White and the Rockets have a plan.

The Houston rookie has a well-documented case of anxiety disorder that manifests a pretty serious fear of flying. Which of course is kind of an issue in the NBA seeing as teams play 41 road games each season in 29 cities.

White missed the beginning of Houston's training camp because of his anxiety issues as well as trying to organize a plan with the team that can get him to road games as well as minimize the amount of travel stress he'd go through. And according to White's agent Andrew Vye via Fox News 26 in Houston, the Rockets and White have something in place.

"We've all come to an agreement that he is going to be able to drive to the games that he does not feel he can fly to," Vye said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. "We are going to work as best we can through the schedule.

"Royce knows at certain times he is going to have to fly, but when he can drive he is going to have the option to do that. Everybody is on board with that including the league, the union. the Rockets, and Royce and us."

White had previously said he wanted to travel via bus to some road games, even willing to take on the costs of it. But logistics appeared to be a roadblock (sorry). With back-to-back games in different cities and not a whole lot of games close to Houston, the arrangement was going to have to be creative.

And like his agent said, White is going to have to fly sometimes. But the Rockets are trying to accomodate him the best they can because the reality is, they want White on the floor and performing at his highest level. If that means he walks to games or rides a unicyle, that's what they want.

White has appeared in two of Houston's preseason games, one on the road in Dallas and the other at home. He's only played a total of 28 minutes and scored just seven points total, but it's a process for White. He knows what's ahead of him and so do the Rockets. General manager Daryl Morey isn't one that doesn't do his homework. The team is remaining patient and trying their best to maxmize White's potential. And that starts by making sure he's not only at games, but relaxed and in the right frame of mind too.

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