It looks like the rap beef between Damian Lillard and Shaquille O'Neal isn't over just yet. The two sides have traded diss tracks about each other for the past week, and Shaq delivered the latest blow with far more explicit lyrics this time around. This all began when the Trail Blazers All-Star went on Joe Budden's podcast and said that he was a better rapper than Shaq

Of course, Shaq couldn't let it go. He's someone who always ensures that whether it's his basketball or rap career he's shown the respect he deserves. In his latest jab at Lillard titled "Second Round Knockout (Dame D.O.L.L.A Diss)," the Hall of Famer takes aim at Lillard's lack of championships, his weak bars in his songs, the way he dresses and said he would do to Lillard what Rajon Rondo did to Chris Paul -- a reference to the fight at Staples Center last season between the Rockets and Lakers, which resulted in Rondo and Paul trading punches. 

In Shaq's initial song, he said Lillard was a worse player than Trevor Ariza, and touted his MVP trophy while saying Lillard isn't even a candidate.

"MVP candidate you are not one, platinum plaques on my wall go and get you some," Shaq rapped. "Take ya time to respond, there's no hurry. You'll never be Westbrook, never be Steph Curry."

Lillard answered the challenge with not one, but two diss tracks back-to-back. Before heading to the first day of training camp for the Trail Blazers, the four-time All-Star dropped a three-minute track on Soundcloud titled "Reign Reign Go Away." Keep in mind, this isn't the first time Lillard has traded diss tracks with an NBA player. Earlier this year, Lillard and Marvin Bagley III traded barbs on social media too.

Lillard opened his first Shaq diss taking aim at new school vs. old school, calling Shaq's signature shoes terrible and declaring that Michael Jordan's "Space Jam" is better than Shaq's basketball movie, "Blue Chips."

"Shoulda just passed me the torch, I got no remorse I beat him like Rocky. You jealous of me and I see you, cause on this day originals just can't f--- with the sequel. New school got new hits. Space Jam not Blue Chips. Hey man your shoes s--- Dame 6 I'm too lit."

Several times throughout the track, Lillard mentions how Shaq had help winning his titles. From his Lakers days with Kobe, "We both could be working at Kinko's, and Kobe won you them rings tho." To his final championship ring with Dwyane Wade in Miami, "Kinda like the Cavs ain't really need Diesel's ass, and even in Miami won that on the strength of Flash."

On the final bars of his diss track, Lillard signaled the end of Shaq's reign as the best rapper in the NBA, anointing himself as the "chosen one."

"Said that max was little, that $250 million crispy. Can't recall you getting that when I was cruising on a 10-speed," Lillard rapped. "You had a moment though, you the pioneer, but I done reached the top of the point and the climate's clear. All of my bars are colder than any climate that's near, so if you looking for the stop to the reign you can find it here."

In Lillard's second diss track about Shaq, titled "I Rest My Case," Lillard raps, "you not a rapper, you comedy, commentary an actor," before talking about Shaq's weight, age and lack of relevance. 

Lillard released both tracks before Shaq had a chance to respond, so after O'Neal's latest release, it's only a matter of time before Lillard gets back in the studio to come back with another rap or two. If this rap beef keeps going, maybe the two can do it live on the set of NBA on TNT just to see which one is the better battle rapper after all.