This may surprise you, but Steph Curry is really popular.

I know, I was shocked as well.

Stephen Curry once again led the NBA's jersey sales for the 2015-2016 season, going back to back just like he did with the MVP and as he hopes to do with winning the NBA title. However, the bigger story from the NBA's announcement regarding jersey sales actually had to do with a rookie.

Rookie big man Kristaps Porzingis came in fourth on the list. It's a credit to the size of the market and his phenomenal season that he lands here. Porzingis, in a Knicks jersey, is just cool. What's interesting is how it has to be that combination. Porzingis, in a Bucks jersey? Not so much. (who had a fine rookie season), in a Knicks uniform? Doesn't land there. It's that combination and that's part of what makes Porzingis special. Sussing out how much of his influence and popularity is the market and how much of it is his performance is tough.

Kobe Bryant finishes second in sales, which is crazy impressive for how old he was in his final year.

Pictured above: Fourth highest-selling jersey (Porzingis), and the top-selling jersey (Curry) in the game. USATSI