It's not Mo Speights' fault.

The Clippers forward had just watched his teammate Blake Griffin throw down one of the best dunks of the year earlier in Thursday's game against the Warriors -- he figured he should try one of his own.

Speights, who won a title with the Warriors, saw Kevin Durant in his way and tried to posterize the former NBA MVP. Unfortunately Speights just posterized himself, and people had a lot of fun with it on Twitter.

Hey, you have to applaud the effort. Despite standing nearly 7 feet tall, Speights is usually more comfortable behind the arc than in the paint, so we don't want to discourage the big fella from going in there again ... maybe next time just get that vertical leap above the six-inch range.

The TNT announcers mentioned a possible "Shaqtin' a Fool" nomination, and you can see why. This might be the most embarrassing dunk attempt of the NBA season so far.