VIDEO: Dad saves daughter at Knicks games from getting Snell'd

Sitting courtside must be awesome. I've never done it outside of media engagements, which is different, because you have a table and you're working and constantly worried an errant pass is going to take out your laptop and ruin your Christmas. But just enjoying a game courtside? That must rule. 

But there are dangers. 

A father of a litle girl found that out Wednesday night at the Garden for Bulls-Knicks. Tony Snell went after a loose ball, showing the same kind of dedication, passion, and hustle that Tom Thibodeau demands. Unfortunately, his trajectory was going to mean that a little girl would no longer be above the seat and instead embedded within had he landed. 


That is an awesome set of reflexes. If that was my kid I'd be trying to figure out what surgery would cost to get an impression in the shape of Tony Snell removed from her face. No way I move that quick. That's a veteran dad move, right there. 

Well done, sir. 

Also, You kind of see that after Snell leaps, he has this moment where he says to himself "Oh, no, what have I done?" Good hustle, Tony. Glad no one was hurt. 

HT: Reddit

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