There was debate all year about whether the Warriors and Cavaliers were good for the NBA, since it was essentially a foregone conclusion that these dominant teams would be square off in the NBA Finals.

Sure enough, that was the end result, and there was little drama behind it. Even the Finals themselves felt inevitable with Golden State defeating Cleveland in five games. With so much certainty, it surely had to damage interest in the series, right? Well, early returns say no. In fact, the NBA hasn't had this much interest, ratings-wise, since Michael Jordan.

This is the most watched NBA Finals since 1998, even besting last season's seven-game classic. Most agree that the 90's were when the NBA was at its strongest point, but an argument can be made that the league has never been in a better place than where it is right now. The league is making more money than ever and people are paying attention. The Warriors-Cavaliers formula of dominance is working.

However, one has to wonder how long ratings will reflect this. Fans love dominance, but will they love a team that has no chance of being beaten from the beginning of the season? The Warriors look like they could be that kind of team. If that's what fans want then this could turn out to be very good for the league, but at what point does the bubble pop and dominance is replaced with boredom?