The WNBA tipped off its historic 20th season on May 13 and there is a good chance Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green tuned in for it. Green, who strongly believes in gender equality, watches the WNBA not only because he's a fan but also so he can improve his own game.

From a profile of Green by SI's Lee Jenkins:

He chills out by watching basketball-specifically women's basketball. "In the NBA there's always a guy who is only around because he can jump," Green says. "He doesn't have a clue about the fundamentals. I learn more from the WNBA. They know how to dribble, how to pivot, how to use the shot fake."

Smart of Green to expand his purview when it comes to improving as a player. But he's likely not the only NBA player to turn to the WNBA for inspiration.

Clippers forward Blake Griffin said something similar to Green on his appearance in "Broad City:"

Of course Griffin could be "acting" but it is pretty cool to see that the WNBA, which often seems like an afterthought compared to the NBA, is getting some notable praise by the league's star players.

Draymond expesses his fandom of the WNBA. (USATSI)