If you're not a fan of the way the Golden State Warriors celebrate their big plays, you'll really hate what center Zaza Pachulia did on Friday. After hitting a jump shot -- the Warriors' 10th make in a row, which put them on a 24-3 run -- in the third quarter against the Boston Celtics, Pachulia expressed his excitement, uh, unconventionally:

ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy was not thrilled with Pachulia, sounding disgusted as he said that it shouldn't be a surprise if someone on the Celtics took a cheap shot on him before the end of the game.

Golden State ended up winning 104-88, so the team has a reason to dance some more. The Warriors all agreed, though, that it was not Pachulia's best moment:

Now, we can only hope we get to see JaVale McGee bust a move in the near future.