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In a 44-second "this or that" video posted by the NBA's official Twitter account, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards expressed a preference for creamy peanut butter, rather than the crunchy variety. A follow-up question posed after the Wolves' 126-115 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers revealed that this is not a weakly held opinion.

"I mean, it spreads better on the bread, for sure," Edwards said Wednesday, explaining his affinity for creamy PB. 

Edwards then revealed that he has no first-hand experience with the type of peanut butter he is dismissing. 

"I've never had crunchy peanut butter," he said. "But I wouldn't. I wouldn't even try it."

At this point, you're probably wondering why Edwards is reluctant to give crunchy a chance. The answer is simple: He thinks he'd hate the texture. 

"I'm a big texture guy when it comes to food," he said. 

But crunchy peanut butter has texture, a reporter argued. 

"No, it doesn't," Edwards said, unconvinced. "It's crunchy. I don't want crunchy -- no, no, no creamy is better."

The reporter pushed back, asserting that creamy peanut butter on bread doesn't have any texture whatsoever. 

"Why not?" Edwards asked, prompting the reporter to respond with another question: What texture is it, then?

"It makes the peanut butter and jelly, it goes better together," Edwards said. "I've never seen nobody eat -- in my family, we've never bought crunchy peanut butter."

Having failed to change Edwards' mind, the reporter pleaded with him one last time to try crunchy peanut butter. Maybe the 20-year-old would surprise himself, if he would simply decide to approach his next peanut-butter experience with an open mind. 

"No way," Edwards said, shaking his head. When he next visits a grocery store and sees a jar of crunchy peanut butter on the shelf, it will remain there, just like it has every other time that he has seen one. 

"I ain't buying it," he said.

No word yet on what the Timberwolves' mascot, Crunch, has to say about all of this.