The 2020 NFL combine got underway with the quarterbacks weighing in, and Jordan Love from Utah State stole the show in a group consisting of Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert, among others.

Georgia's Jake Fromm saw his draft stock take a hit, and Joe Burrow barely reached a threshold that's important for many NFL teams.

Here are our takeaways about what the quarterback weigh-in means.

Quarterback measurements

Kelly Bryant6-3 1/82299 4/8"78"
Joe Burrow6-3 4/82219"74"
Kevin Davidson6-4 1/82248 2/8"75"
Jacob Eason6-5 7/82319 4/8"79"
Jake Fromm6-1 7/82198 7/8"75"
Anthony Gordon6-2 3/82059 6/8"73"
Justin Herbert6-6 2/823610"78 7/8"
Jalen Hurts6-12229 6/8"77 5/8"
Brian Lewerke6-2 4/821310 5/8"75 4/8"
Jordan Love6-3 6/822410 4/8"80"
Jake Luton6-6 1/822410 3/8"77 5/8"
Cole McDonald6-3 1/82159 6/8"76 6/8"
Steven Montez6-42319 3/8"76 7/8"
James Morgan6-42299 6/8"79"
Shea Patterson6-0 7/82129 3/8"73 4/8"
Nate Stanley6-3 6/823510"78 2/8"
Tua Tagovailoa6-021710"75 2/8"

Quarterback winners

Jordan Love, Utah State. Welcome to the combine, Mr. Love. No quarterback "won" the weigh-in more emphatically than the polarizing prospect from the Mountain West. His hands are gigantic and at nearly 6-4 and 224 pounds, he has a sturdy frame. The 80-inch wingspan doesn't really translate to better on-field play at the quarterback spot, but is impressive nonetheless. 

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Justin Herbert, Oregon. We all knew Herbert was going to be one of the tallest quarterbacks in this class, but for him to weigh close to 240 pounds indicates he's well-built. Also, those 10-inch hands are decently massive, as is his nearly 79-inch wingspan. The expectation was that Herbert would crush the weigh-in, and he did. 

Anthony Gordon, Washington State. As a weaker armed, high-volume passer from Washington State, it's easy to assume Gordon has tiny measureables. But to be over 6-2 with nearly 10-inch hands equated to sizable win for the sleeper prospect. 

Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma. Hurts has a unique frame at 6-1 and 222 pounds with large hands -- bigger than Jacob Eason's -- with a rather big wingspan. While those measurements won't alleviate any concerns about him as a passer, Hurts will clear most teams' measurement thresholds for the quarterback spot.

Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama. Hitting the 6-foot mark with hands at 10 inches was a huge win for Tagovailoa. While he is one of the smaller passers in this class, his hands certainly aren't.

Quarterback losers

Joe Burrow, LSU. Don't freak, Bengals fans. But Burrow with just nine-inch hands isn't good for his draft stock. It shouldn't really move the needle though. The threshold is typically right at nine inches, so technically, Burrow got to it. But compared to other top quarterbacks in this class, he has small hands. 

Jake Fromm, Georgia. Fromm was undoubtedly the biggest loser of the quarterback weigh-in. Being close to 6-2 and 220 pounds is good. Hands under nine inches simply is not, particularly for a passer not known for his physical prowess.