Watch Now: 2020 49ers One Question: New Weapon For Jimmy G (1:56)

The bad taste from Super Bowl LIV is still very much in the mouths of the San Francisco 49ers, but the team is reloading this offseason with the hopes of redemption come next February. They'll have to move forward without cornerback D.J. Reed, however, a key rotational piece in their secondary who made his presence felt on more than one occasion over the course of what was still, overall, a special season for the franchise. Reed, 23, recently announced via Twitter that his 2020 season is in jeopardy -- beyond what the league is combatting when it comes to COVID-19. 

The young defensive back suffered a torn pectoral muscle, and while he didn't detail how long he'll be sidelined, it's an injury that typically requires at least six months to recover from; and often longer. If that holds true for Reed, it's possible he'll miss the coming season in its entirety, but there's always a chance he beats the odds and returns at some point.

For his part, he's choosing to focus on the latter.

"Today, it felt like I was dreaming," he said. "I wanted to wake up from not having a torn pectoral. I realized it is what it is. All I can control is how I respond to what life throws at me. 

"I can control my thoughts, my attitude, and my actions. I will speak positively only, because the power of the tongue is real. Once I get surgery, I will heal up and I will attack my rehab. I will focus on my internal and I won't give a f--k about external voices. 

"I will take this time to spend with family and friends. More importantly, I will take this time out to get close to Jesus/God."

Reed is a former fifth-round pick of the 49ers who was selected in 2018 after standing out in a big way at Kansas State, where he won Big-12 Defensive Newcomer of the Year only two years prior. Although not a starter, he's played in 31 regular season games in his first two seasons and, in 2019, forced two fumbles and delivered a defensive touchdown after recovering one. Operating as a complement for K'Waun Williams in nickel corner duties, the Niners will now have to fill his seat with a talented backup until Reed can again take the field.