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All eyes remain affixed to the NFC West, but with their attention mostly shifted from the controversy between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks to the one between Jimmy Garoppolo and the San Francisco 49ers. The latter recently hit fever pitch when the 49ers struck a blockbuster deal to mortgage their future drafts to land this year's third-overall pick from the Miami Dolphins -- a clear indication they'll likely select Garoppolo's successor later this month. The team, however, has held firm to wanting Garoppolo in San Francisco, but not without additional comments that ultimately underline just how quickly his time may be coming to an end.

Despite the trade and the doublespeak, though, veteran running back Raheem Mostert is clear in what he expects to happen. He sees Garoppolo not only still in uniform when the season begins, but also still commanding the huddle as starter. 

"I believe Jimmy Garoppolo will be our starting quarterback going into this season," Mostert told SiriusXM Fantasy Radio, via Michael Fabiano of Sports Illustrated. 

Needless to say, that's to be determined. Recently, head coach Kyle Shanahan admitted the trade to move up to No. 3 likely angered Garoppolo, noting he would've had that reaction if put in his quarterback's shoes. Shanahan went on to note how 

"I'm sure Jimmy was a little pissed off from it, just like I'd be, too," Shanahan said. "But me knowing Jimmy, he'll be fired up and come in and work his butt off. The more mad Jimmy gets, usually the better he gets. So if he gets madder and stays healthy, this is going to be a good thing for Jimmy, too, which could be a great problem for the 49ers. 

"I hope Jimmy's alright with it and I expect him to be."  

So, as it stands, Mostert might get his wish, but there's a chance it will be short-lived -- Shanahan also alluding to 2021 potentially being the last season Garoppolo puts on a 49ers uniform. That is, of course, assuming he's still in one come September.

"We've got a guy in here we know we can win with -- a guy that our players love, that we love," Shanahan said. "We're excited to have him this year, and we're excited to have a hell of a quarterback right behind him, learning for when the time's his."

Decipher accordingly.