49ers safety Eric Reid considered retirement due to concussions

The 49ers' offseason -- already considered a catastrophe so disastrous that even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wouldn't have been able to save it -- was almost an even bigger calamity.

That's because in addition to losing the services of Chris Borland and Anthony Davis, the team was nearly forced to part ways with safety Eric Reid, who told The San Francisco Chronicle that he has contemplated retiring from the NFL in the past, despite only playing in the league for two seasons.

"Everybody evaluates their own situation as far as playing this game," Reid said. "I've evaluated mine and I've decided I still want to play."

Though Reid has only been in the league since 2013, he's already suffered three concussions, which led him to consider leaving the game altogether. Last season, Reid chose to sit out the final game of the Niners' season despite being cleared to play after his third career concussion. With the Niners already eliminated from postseason contention, Reid felt it was best to not risk a fourth concussion in a meaningless game.

Reid will play for the team in 2015. He did note, however, that further concussions could make him reconsider his position. He refused to say how many more concussions it would take to prevent him from putting on a helmet in the future, but he will continue to monitor his health.

"I'm not putting a number to it," Reid said. "I will continue to evaluate my own situation. If I have another concussion and I don't feel like I can play any more, then I won't. If I (have another concussion), and if I feel that I still can play, then I will. It's just a case-by-case basis."

Reid isn't retiring, but he once considered stepping away from the NFL. (USATSI)

Losing Reid would be bad news for the 49ers. Though the secondary as a whole has struggled in recent years, Reid has been a bright spot, intercepting seven passes throughout the last two seasons.

Not to mention the 49ers are already going to be without a linebacker -- Borland -- and an offensive tackle in Davis. Borland retired from the NFL this offseason because he was worried about brain damage he might incur from playing the sport. And Davis announced just last week that he was stepping away from the league for a year or two so that he can let his brain and body heal from the punishing conditions of the NFL.

Reid, for now, isn't going to give up the game. But his case provides yet another reminder that some NFL players are willing to call it a day on their careers for the sake of their bodies and brains.

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