While he likes Justin Fields' potential, Jerome Bettis does not see him beating out Russell Wilson as the Pittsburgh Steelers' new starting quarterback. 

Fields created a buzz during Day 1 of the Steelers' OTAs when he said that he is "definitely" competing with Wilson, whom Steelers coach Mike Tomlin has given the "pole position" to. Bettis, a Hall of Fame running back who won a Super Bowl during his time with the Steelers, doesn't see Pittsburgh's quarterback pecking order changing anytime soon. 

"It would surprise me," Bettis said of Fields supplanting Wilson as Pittsburgh's starter during an interview with Zach Gelb. "I think he's definitely the polished guy. You saw what he was doing last year in Denver. He didn't leave Denver because of this play. I can promise you that. So I believe he'll be the starter Week One. 

"Now the question is Justin Fields," Bettis continued. "He's that Joker, because you don't know what you're gonna get. You love his skill set, what he's capable of. Can he put it all together? And will he develop to the next step? And if he does that, he can be a 10-year solution at quarterback as well."

Bettis is right on both counts. When it comes to Wilson, the Steelers brought him in to provide a much-needed veteran presence to what is an otherwise young offensive group. Wilson's experience as a 13-year NFL veteran also gives him an advantage over Fields when it comes to mastering offensive coordinator Arthur Smith's offensive game plan. 

Barring an injury or Fields grossly out-playing him, Wilson will most likely be Pittsburgh's starting quarterback when the Steelers face the Falcons in Week 1. But as Bettis also alluded to, Fields could be the Steelers' longterm solution at quarterback if he continues to make strides in Pittsburgh. In the interim, expect the Steelers to find ways to gets Fields on the field in 2024. 

Another interesting nugget from Bettis' comments is him saying that Wilson wasn't jettisoned from Denver because of his play. Bettis' opinion has actually become the general consensus given Wilson's success last season before he was surprisingly benched by Sean Payton with two games left in the Broncos' season. 

Wilson's success last year ultimately earned him the opportunity he currently has in Pittsburgh, one that likely won't be immediately threatened by Fields.