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For a second straight offseason, Aaron Rodgers says he's at peace with the Green Bay Packers, while at the same time insisting he may not be part of the team's long-term plans. A year after predicting that he would finish his career elsewhere in the wake of the club spending a first-round draft pick on quarterback Jordan Love, the reigning MVP joined the Pat McAfee Show on Monday and reiterated that his Packers future is "quite uncertain." Asked about his contract status with Green Bay after early-offseason reports about him seeking a new deal, Rodgers also suggested his 2020 success may have changed plans for him moving forward.

"My future, really, a lot of it's out of my control," he told McAfee. "That's why I use a phrase like 'beautiful mystery.' Because it is quite uncertain which directions that things are going to go. All I can do is play my best, and I feel like last year I did do that, and may have thrown a wrench into some timelines that have been thought about or desired."

Rodgers is presumably referring to the Packers' early investment in Love, who didn't take the field as a rookie during Rodgers' return to MVP form. Green Bay executives, from both the coaching staff to the front office, have repeatedly committed to Rodgers as their starting quarterback for 2021 and beyond, but prior to 2020, their roster decisions suggested Rodgers could be replaced sooner rather than later. Now, Love has become something of an afterthought at QB, though it remains unclear whether Rodgers, who is under contract through 2023, could ultimately demand a raise -- or move -- elsewhere.

"I think that we're exactly where we were last year when I made comments after the draft and throughout the season," he said regarding his status in Green Bay. "I don't feel like any of that's changed. ... There were some people who made assumptions based on what I said. Nothing's really changed ... I meant what I said last year, really being at peace with the whole thing ... not (being) bitter or disappointed or frustrated about things (I) realize (I) can't control. And my future is one of them."