The New York Jets may actually be worse than the Miami Dolphins. Miami earned its first win of the season after starting the year winless in its first seven games, defeating the Jets 26-18 in a contest that featured two of the NFL's worst offenses. The Dolphins averaged just 11 points per game heading into the game, but they were able to put up a season-high in points against the lowly Jets. 

The Dolphins defense embarrassed the Jets, even more, having a season-low in points allowed (18) after allowing 34 points and 6.5 yards per play in the first seven games. The Jets had just 5.1 yards per play in the game and had 10 penalties for 105 yards in the loss. 

Miami has sold off plenty of its players for draft picks in an attempt to collect the No. 1 overall draft pick. The Jets have a franchise quarterback and a highly-paid running back, yet still couldn't muster a way to score points off the Dolphins. 

New York earned the title of the first (and possibly only) team to lose to Miami. Not an embarrassing moment at all -- at least that's the way Jets head coach Adam Gase sees it. 

"It's the NFL. You can't be embarrassed by this s---,"Gase said when asked if losing to a team that's tanking is embarrassing, via "We're 1-7. Everybody -- you feel like crap. You don't put in all this time and effort to come out here and lose. 

"We've got to get things fixed. That's what they know. That's what I told them. That what other guys in the locker room are saying the same thing."

The Jets have been marred by multiple injuries to key players on both sides of the ball, but being unable to progress Sam Darnold might be the biggest problem of all. Darnold was just 27 of 39 for 260 yards with a touchdown and an interception in the loss, adding to a year which he has six touchdowns and nine interceptions. The Jets have also been haunted by poor play calling and inconsistent game plans, which fall on the responsibilities of the head coach. 

They also have a general manager hired after the 2019 draft who didn't hire the head coach, causing even more problems in the front office that won't be resolved until after the season. 

The Jets host the New York Giants before having a road game against the Washington Redskins, two winnable games on the schedule. Of course, Miami was a "winnable" game too.