Pam Oliver caught a football to the face Sunday.
Adrian Peterson (right) praised Eddie Lacy (left) despite the rookie being on a rival. (USATSI)

Adrian Peterson is best running back in the NFL. This is undisputed (well, mostly undisputed, ahem, Chris Johnson). So if you're going to ask someone who the best rookie running back is, wouldn't Peterson be the best guy to ask?

Answer: Sure, why not. And while Peterson was doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit Tuesday, someone asked him just that. And the Vikings running back threw some love at his younger, rival counterpart on the Packers, praising Eddie Lacy as the best rookie back.

"eddie lacy, but he's on a passing team," Peterson wrote. "but that was a real good pickup... that i didnt like."

Lacy, who is not nearly as fat as the Internet thought, looked quite good in preseason action on Sunday when he went up against the Rams stout defense.

He fell much further than anyone expected during the 2013 NFL Draft, eventually landing in Ted Thompson's lap. The issue many saw with Lacy's 2013 potential was the Packers already having Johnathan Franklin out of UCLA (who the drafted) as well as DuJuan Harris, Alex Green and James Starks.

None of those guys are world-beaters, per se, but the lack of runs available in Green Bay plus the abundant number of bodies made it a red flag for Lacy's production.

A recommendation from All Day won't lock up the gig or guarantee Lacy a big season as a rookie. But as the kids say, game recognize game. And if Peterson's on Lacy's bandwagon it can't be a bad place to be.