Carolina taking down the Patriots 33-30 in New England a week after getting stuffed by the Saints is perfect proof that no one knows anything about the NFL. The Panthers were huge underdogs to New England, and Cam Newton looked like his surgically repaired shoulder was still bothering him during a horrific Week 3 performance. 

Understandably, folks in the media were asking questions about Newton's health and Newton's ability to elevate his game to the point where he can carry the Panthers offense. Cam did not like those questions, apparently.

Heading to the locker room after beating New England, Newton had a message for his critics, as captured by Dianna Russini of ESPN. 

"Don't ask me for no interviews now! I don't want to do it," Newton yelled. "You didn't want to do it before the game. I don't want to do it."

The obvious implication here is that Newton believes he was snubbed by someone in the media for a pregame interview and he believes that the snub occurred because there was concern about Newton's ability to play at a high level. So as a result, he is not interested in doing an interview after Newton proved there should be no concern about his ability.

The 2015 MVP has had some ... media issues before. Usually he's more sullen, although that could be only after losses. After a win, Newton is usually pretty animated and excited. Sunday he seemed like he was pretty miffed about the lack of credit he was given for playing through the first three weeks. 

In (admittedly biased) defense of the media, Cam has not looked healthy and he was very bad against the Saints. There were reasons to question the offensive approach and reasons to question Cam's health. Clearly those reasons weren't totally based in reality, but that is some hindsight from Newton. If he struggled or the Panthers lost, he might not have as much freedom to lash back. 

But if having a chip on his shoulder helps him look like the 2015 MVP again, by all means keep that chip there. The NFL is a lot more fun when Newton is playing well.