Earlier this week, star cornerback Jalen Ramsey of the struggling Jacksonville Jaguars sent out a cryptic tweet. 

Predictably, a lot was read into this, with plenty of folks (including our own Kevin Skiver) wondering just what Ramsey was referring to: 

Jaguars fans probably preferred when Ramsey wasn't speaking in riddles. He's under contract until 2020, though the Jaguars will likely exercise their fifth-year option on his rookie deal barring something crazy happening. If this is a backdoor trade request, the timing isn't ideal. A player with his contract could be moved easily, but the Jaguars likely have no interest in doing so for a price many teams can afford.

Ramsey's bombastic nature won over a lot of fans, but nothing causes people to sour faster than losing. Ramsey himself has even struggled in this nightmare season for the Jaguars. On the other hand, maybe this tweet means nothing at all and Ramsey was just being made fun of at a party or something.

On Thursday, Ramsey cleared the air a bit, at least making it known that he really has no interest in leaving the Jags. "I've said multiple times, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again that I want to play for one team my whole career," Ramsey said, per the team's official website. "I don't control that, but, I mean, it is what it is."

Ramsey knows he's eligible for an extension this offseason, but he also knows there are other ways the Jaguars can elect to retain his services. "If they wanted, they could extend me," he said. "And if it's right, then we'll get that done and I'll be here for a number of years. If not, I have a fifth-year option they can pick up and they can franchise me. I mean, I could be here for a while."

Ramsey is making a base salary of $2,572,818 this year and will draw $3,634,227 in 2019. Based on last year's figures, his fifth-year option for the 2020 season is likely to be worth around $13 million. Any new deal for Ramsey would presumably have that salary as a basement starting point, with the franchise tag value (which would be a few million higher) a more likely baseline. Then again, the Jags could elect to simply franchise Ramsey a time or two if they don't want to give him a long-term team. Considering his status as one of the handful of best corners in the league and that the Jaguars' defense is in large part based around his brilliance and that of A.J. Bouye and the defensive line, though, that seems unlikely. Ramsey is likely to get paid and remain in Jacksonville long term.