Albert Haynesworth: Most Redskins fans are nasty, ridiculous and rude

If we had to characterize it, we'd say that Albert Haynesworth and Redskins fans have a hate-hate relationship. This is what happens when you sign a $100 million contract and pretty much quit on the team. Haynesworth lasted 20 games in Washington before the organization traded him away for, among other things, lethargy:

But Haynesworth continues to take shots at the team he says took away his love of the game.  On Sunday, he tweeted about two Cowboys fans wearing Robert Griffin III jerseys at AT&T Stadium.

Two days later, he told TMZ, "Most Redskins fans are the nastiest I've met and the most ridiculous in the way they act. They couldn't get any ruder."

Albert Haynesworth isn't a big fan of the Redskins or their fans. (USATSI)
Albert Haynesworth isn't a big fan of the Redskins or their fans. (USATSI)

We refer you to the .GIF above for at least one reason why Redskins fans might be bitter.

Not helping: Haynesworth has previously warned players -- both currently on the Redskins roster and those being wooed by the team in free agency -- that Washington was a terrible place to play. In response, DC radio host and former Redskins tight end Chris Cooley once called Haynesworth "an awful human being," and said the front office made a "terrible decision"  by signing him.

Meanwhile, 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes has some free advice for Big Al:

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