Leonard Floyd's alarm clock is better than most alarm clocks, because Floyd's alarm isn't used to only wake him up in the morning -- it's also used to remind him to eat whatever the heck he wants in large quantities.

This happens multiple times a day for the No. 9 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

"I've got prompts set up on my phone of times in the day that I'm supposed to eat, making sure I eat at those time when I get the alarm," Floyd said, per CSN Chicago.

As CSN Chicago reported, he can eat pretty much anything on one condition. "As long as I eat a lot of it," Floyd explained.

The reason the Bears traded up to snag Floyd in the draft is entirely due to his ability to rush the passer. At Georgia, Floyd racked up 17 sacks in three seasons. He's a blur and features an array of moves.

Again, he's fast.

He is, however, lean. He weighed in at 244 pounds at the combine, but according to Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, he's expected to play roughly 10 pounds lighter than that.

Still Fangio doesn't sound concerned.

"The weight thing's not a big thing with me," Fangio said. "He's going to weigh somewhere between 230 and 235. That's just what he's going to weigh. We knew that before we drafted him. So it's not an issue. We knew that and that's a fact and that's what he is."

So, to sum up, Floyd's "job," which will pay him somewhere around $15 million, consists of hunting down quarterbacks and eating as much food as he wants. That doesn't sound awful.

Leonard Floyd has alarms to remind him to eat a ton of food. USATSI