Bears unveil alternate orange helmet
Jacob Funk (Chicago Bears)

The Chicago Bears have entered the alternate helmet frenzy that is taking over the NFL. On Sunday, the club unveiled a new alternate orange helmet that they will wear for two games this season. The new lid is essentially a reversed version of the team's primary helmet as the orange swaps in for the traditional navy blue to engulf the look, while the wishbone 'C' decal is now navy blue with a white keyline. The facemask is also in the team's navy blue. 

The first game that the Bears will don these alternate helmets will be in Week 6 when they host the Washington Commanders at Soldier Field for Thursday Night Football. Then, they will wear the orange helmets with their orange jersey and white pants when they travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys in Week 8.  

This is the first time in Bears history that the primary color of the club's helmet is anything other than navy blue.

"We believe we have the best uniforms in sport, certainly among the most iconic," said Bears Chairman George H. McCaskey, via the official team website. "So, we're not looking to overhaul it. We just want to make enhancements to the existing look from time to time and we think this is a great enhancement. I'm very excited for this modification. I like that it's staying within the traditional Bears look. We're excited about them and hope the fans will be too."

The debut of this alternate helmet comes as the NFL has dissolved its "one shell rule," which prevented teams from wearing more than one set of helmets for an entire season. That change was announced in 2021 and teams are now gearing up to sport new looks for the 2022 season and beyond. Along with the Bears, a wide array of clubs have rolled out alternate helmets this offseason and other teams  -- like the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots -- also announced the return of their throwbacks that feature a different helmet.