There is a growing sense that Jerry Jones might try and do something desperate with Tony Romo at the owners meetings in Phoenix this week. No one knows why Romo hasn’t been released yet, but one logical reason is a concern about his next landing spot.

The Texans and Broncos are the only two real suitors for Romo, so if Jones wants to keep Romo from continuing his career in Texas, he better start talking to John Elway.

According to Elway, that talk isn’t happening. Elway, headed to dinner in Phoenix, was briefly caught by 9 News’ Mike Klis, and informed Klis that despite spending the week with Jones, Romo’s name hasn’t come up.

“We’ve been here all week and his name never came up,’’ Elway said.

The Cowboys want to trade Romo in order to extract some value from their quarterback of the past to help build around Dak Prescott, their quarterback of the future. A trade would, obviously, allow the Cowboys to dictate where Romo plays next year. (Spoiler alert: they aren’t trading him to the Redskins and probably have an unspoken deal about Romo playing there.)

But there’s a pretty clear understanding that Elway isn’t interested in spending draft capital to acquire Romo. The Broncos will very likely pursue Romo if and when Romo is cut loose by Dallas, but with the Cowboys having no deadline for Romo, they can drag this out into June if they want. 

It has been conspicuously quiet in Dallas on the Romo front. Maybe Jerry truly wants to keep Romo around. If that’s the case, there are assuredly people in the building who disagree with his assessment and want him to try and make a move.

But there’s something that’s holding the Cowboys back from moving on. Maybe it needs to be a longer, later (?) conversation with Elway.

At this rate it doesn’t look like a lot of movement is happening on Romo.