In a lot of ways, and for most of the planet's population, the 2020 calendar year was one to forget. This is something Von Miller can certainly attest to as he readies for the 2021 season. The three-time All-Pro and eight-time Pro Bowl linebacker tested positive for COVID-19 last year, which gave him a very real scare. Then, after recovering from the novel coronavirus, he suffered a dislocated peroneal tendon in his ankle in September that ended his season before it began. 

After seeing the Denver Broncos wisely execute his contract option for this coming season, he's again on the mend and recently gave a promising update on his return, hoping to get back to prime form that will potentially allow the 32-year-old to play until the ripe age of 40.

"I'm feeling good," he said, via 9News in Denver ahead of training camp. "My ankle is about 94 percent. The 6 percent [I've] got to get, [I have] to get rushing the passer in practice with pads on, leaning on guys, guys leaning on me." 

So, essentially, Miller is saying he'll have no limitations in camp, and he's working up a lather at the thought of mixing it up once again with his offensive line compatriots -- especially with newly signed offensive tackle Bobby Massie (added to the Broncos roster on a one-year, $4 million deal this offseason) and tackle Garett Bolles.

"I haven't rushed the passer in over a year," said Miller. "Haven't played in a game in longer than that. Bobby Massie is a helluva opponent to go out there against every day in practice, and Garett Bolles and all these guys. So the extra 6 percent? I'm going to have to get that on the football field."

The Broncos kick off training camp on July 28, and Miller will be front and center.