The Houston Texans just became the second team in the top 15 to make a bold move and trade up in the draft for a quarterback, giving up their No. 25 pick and next year's first round pick to the Browns in exchange for No. 12 overall.

And with that bold pick they snagged Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson to try and become the face of the franchise and the guy who can step in and help Houston take the next step.

So now, if you're counting at home, the Browns own both the first- and second-round picks for the Houston Texans in 2018. 

The Browns got the second rounder in the infamous Brock Osweiler salary dump trade earlier this offseason when the Texans were desperate to rid themselves of his horrible salary.

Cleveland soaked up the contract and now, with the Texans desperate for a quarterback to help them win in 2017 with their window open, gave up a first-round pick to slide into the top part of the draft and grab a quarterback. 

It's a bold move by Houston but it is drastically light in the pick department starting, well, immediately.

The Browns are loaded. Don't sleep on them taking a quarterback in the first round or simply making a play for Jimmy Garoppolo now that they have so many picks.