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It was the catch heard around the world. With certain defeat staring the Arizona Cardinals in the face during their Week 10 clash with the Buffalo Bills, they instead snatched a 32-30 victory from quarterback Josh Allen and Co., and with virtually no time to spare. In the wake of Allen having thrown the would-be walk-off touchdown to Stefon Diggs over All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson, there was little time for Kyler Murray to orchestrate a comeback, but he did it anyway -- the right-handed QB rolling out to his left at full tilt to avoid the pass rush with 11 seconds remaining and then hurling it more than 50 yards downfield to DeAndre Hopkins in triple coverage.

Game over, yes, but for the Bills, because Hopkins levitated above three defenders and came down with the ball. But despite how insanely improbable the grab was, the All-Pro wide receiver treated it like it was just another day at the office, because for him -- adding this to a list of eye-popping grabs in his stellar NFL career -- it basically was.

"It was on three people," he told media with a smile after the game, via the team's website, tapping his head and equating the play to the three Bills defenders being "dunked on" with the highlight. "They were in position. It was just a better catch by I."

Given the odds and probabilities against it happening, even head coach Kliff Kingsbury was floored when it did. 

"Just to get the pass off was incredible," he said. "If you watch the replay, he's running and dodging and ducking. I didn't think he could get it off and then to put that type of loft on it and give him a chance. From my vantage point, I couldn't see much, but I saw the crowd go crazy. I just kept asking our guys, 'Did he catch it?'"

He sure did. 

For his part, Murray confessed he'd never been a part of a play like that in his entire football career, but that he also never gave up on the possibility Hopkins would reel in the catch -- even when it looked like he'd be sacked or, at minimum, pressured into making a bad throw. Neither of those two things occurred though, thanks to the shiftiness of the former Rookie of the Year, who was able to turn his body at the last second to launch an accurate bomb. 

"I knew when it left my hand it had a chance," he said. "I don't know how it would've felt if we would've lost that game."

Well, they didn't, thanks to his magic and the alien ability of Hopkins.