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The 2-6 Washington Football Team has had a disappointing campaign thus far, but Ron Rivera's squad will attempt to use their recent bye week to jump-start the second half of the season. First up after the off week is the reigning Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- who interestingly enough ended Washington's somewhat magical season in 2020.

Despite going 7-9 last year, Washington won the NFC East with serious quarterback issues and a brand new head coach. Former practice-squadder Taylor Heinicke even gave Tom Brady a game in the Wild-Card round. Washington had the No. 2 defense in the league to rely on -- a unit which was led by the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year, Chase Young

Despite several additions made in free agency and via the draft, Washington's defense has taken an inexplicable step backwards this season. They rank fourth-worst in the league in total yards allowed per game and have the worst pass defense in the NFL. Even Young hasn't been immune to criticism. The standout of last year's rookie class led all rookies in sacks (7.5), tackles for loss (10) and tied for first in forced fumbles (4) in 2020. This season he has 25 tackles, two forced fumbles and just 1.5 sacks in eight games played.

This week, Young spoke with CBS Sports about the season up to this point and what Washington wants to accomplish moving forward. When we asked what he has learned about himself this season, Young said he learned about his own resiliency. 

"I think that I learned that I'm a pretty tough dude," Young said simply. 

The Ohio State product was recently challenged by coach Rivera in a piece published on Washington's official website that reflected on the first half of the season. Rivera said that he wants to see more from his young pass-rushers.

"We would like to see a little bit more from those guys," Rivera said. "They need to stop pressing and trust their teammates. Sometimes when a guy tries to chip them, instead of running through the chip and blowing that guy up, you'll see them duck underneath or slip around and miss a chance to make a play. Sometimes Chase starts outside and plants his leg and cuts inside -- because he's trying to make a play -- and the quarterback gets flushed to the outside. If Chase stays outside, he has an easy sack, but instead he dives underneath."

We asked Young about Rivera's remarks and what the defense's goals are for the second half of the season. 

"Yeah you know, the time is now," said Young. "We just wanna keep working, we just wanna keep going. Just trust the process."

Young didn't wait long to assume a position of leadership with Washington -- even as a rookie. When former Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins lost his captaincy towards the end of the season in 2020, it was Young who took his "C." Young wants to play that role on his team, and said that being a leader helps push himself as well.

"It's just being that guy who can be the Energizer Bunny for my teammates," said Young. "Just being the guy who people can look to and being the motivation and just trying to be inspirational. You know, that helps me just to push myself and try to see how far I can go." 

Young also has made it a point to be a leader off the field. With Veterans Day on Thursday, Young partnered with USAA to encourage all Americans to step up and show their support for the 2.5 million veteran-owned small businesses in the country today, and the many others who are seeking to transition into the workforce after service. Young challenges everyone to draw the letter 'V' (for veterans) on the palm of your hand, visit your favorite veteran-owned small business (in-person or virtual), snap a pic and share it on social media using #HonorThroughAction. This means a lot to Young since his grandfather was in the Air Force. 

"My grandfather, he was a veteran," said Young. "I just remember going back and thinking about when I was out of school those days. When I would go over there I would spend time with him. Those are really my memories I have of Veterans Day."

Thursday is about Veterans Day, but the rest of this weekend will be about the Buccaneers. Washington knows they have the talent to get back in the mix during the second half of the season. When asked what Young was telling his teammates coming off of the bye week, he was pretty succinct in his response. 

"It's time to make that last push."