When Super Bowl LVII kicks off on Sunday, it will mark the second time this season that the Kansas City Chiefs have played at State Farm Stadium and the team will be hoping that things go much better this time around. 

Back in Week 1, the Chiefs came away with a 44-21 road win over the Cardinals, but the victory came at a price with kicker Harrison Butker (ankle) and rookie corner Trent McDuffie (hamstring) both suffering injuries. Following the win over Arizona, Andy Reid, who's not exactly known for complaining, blamed both injuries on the poor state of the sod at State Farm Stadium. 

"It was a little loose. That's what happens sometimes when you re-sod," Reid said, via the Associated Press. "It's part of the Butker injury and the McDuffie injury, and that's unfortunate. The turf picked up, and I would tell you that did have something to do with it. If it didn't, I'd tell you that, too. It's not an excuse by any means. But you all see it when you watch the tape."

Although the Cardinals took issue with Reid's complaint -- they said the sod was fine -- it turns out that the Chiefs aren't going to have to worry about the state of the sod because they won't be playing on the same field this week. Yes, the game is being played in the same stadium that the Chiefs played in earlier this season, but they won't be playing on the same surface because the NFL had a new playing surface created for the Super Bowl. 

According to the Arizona Republic (h/t For the Win), a local sod farm spent more than a year getting the new playing surface ready for the Super Bowl. Unlike most indoor stadiums, the surface at State Farm is made of natural grass. The reason it's possible for the stadium to have natural grass -- even though it's indoors -- is because the field IS RETRACTABLE. 

After the field was set up this week, it got moved outside so that the grass could get some sun. 

With the new playing surface now installed, the Chiefs shouldn't have any issues like they did in Week 1.